Inbuilt root option provide in os..

  • As we know now day a number of users root their device with 3rd party app like kingroot,supersu etc But the real fact is this type app available form unknown source and a number of app infected so user device also became effected.Also in India a few customer use security app in android.So fuel os start some with new idea and concept if add inbuilt option to root then no need 3rd party app…My own suggestion add root option to developer option…

  • Rooting is a dangerous procedure for people who are unaware about it. It opens up a lot of options which can be exploited by other apps. Even though developer options is hidden a lot of people enable it anyway for things like window speed animation, USB debugging, etc. It is better to have third party tools to root than having native support. Maybe CREO can make their own genuine tool for rooting their phone, so you don’t have to use kingsroot etc.

    BTW, kingsroot I have heard is not a very safe way to root. I personally flash official su binaries from recovery to root the phone. That is the safest way.

  • Rooting is not bad until u try to tweak the system yourselve or let malscious stuff enter your device, there are even apps in play store which are deadly and sites which can harm the device the best bet is to provide security updates and security centric app in few months to make the user feel secure and sound

    And the most important thing updated kernel sources. This phone has kernel version 3.10 whereas latest is 3.14, but 99% of the phones are in the old build, if creo does the 3.14 update then mark 1 would come under the 1% minority of updated devices😉

  • @rhoadster91 same i also never need kingroot.Meizu has inbuilt option to even cm has inbuilt which is aswam…

  • @shreyans-jain of course rooting is not bad. If it were, Google would’ve patched it and/or blacklisted all root-required apps from Play Store by now :smile: but there might be cases of people turning on the root option just because some blog told them it is cool, without understanding repercussions of it. therefore, it shouldn’t be something that can be easily turned on or off. Just my 2 cents.

  • @rhoadster91 1st of all it impossible google block root request app from google playstore.And people those root their phone at last 50-60% now idea about what is root.And root make a just dream device personally 1st when bought a device 1st root after 30 day(flipkart or amazaon return ).And there is many reason of android effected not only root you have any why brand not provide security patch regularly?

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