Why there is no Qualcomm in creo mark 1, does Mediatek make it a deal breaker.


    Creo Mark 1 was in the works for a very long time and we can say it has been under as a WIP for over 3 months, back then, when the project started it would had been centred around the use of bang for the buck materials.

    At that moment Qualcomm had a failure chipset, 810 and an underwhelmed, 808.Neither were able to showcase the true power of a dragon.

    At that moment the only choice was Mediatek and they had to offer was a helio X10, mind it its one of the best processors from Mediatek and is widely used by companies like, HTC, Sony, Xiaomi, Le eco.

    Price is a big player for sales, But cheaper stuff is not always better , companies like xiaomi and le eco are not software focussed. They are hardware focussed and are in a spec war to sell products with least profit and attract costumers who do not think over crucial stuff like updates and future proof support, Xiaomi is a good company and even i love them for their pricing but their aggressive strategy to not support cheap devices and only focus on flagship is a letdown, this is not just a policy from xiaomi, its a policy followed by almost every conpany. Its good to see Creo make breakthrough with software.

    Lets get back to the chipset. The chipset is 100 mhz underclocked to avoid over heating and also provide optimal performance, the gpu in it is Power vr 6200 the same one in Apple’s iphone 5s, the benchmark scores meets the iphone 5s and even my Asus zenfone 2, but will it be close to either of them in real life, NO. Until theres some notable software improvements or tweaks. This phone is not for a gamer atleast not if he want to play AAA games or emulate PS2 games in android( do not try you will not even get more than 5fps).This phone is for those who want a powerful performer, in day to day task but not for the upcoming heavy duty games, you can play good games in it no doubt, but in coming years when the phone gets a little old do not think to game in it ;)

    Mediatek helio x 10 is more powerful than QC 801 and with good software polishing it can even touch the nexus 6p in terms of performance, just like what meizu did with there phones.

  • Sorry not able understand your point but all depend atlast which way they polish and optimize the device…I think it is too early to compare with other brand…

  • @arka2020 let me break it down.

    1. Mediatek is not that bad

    2. Qualcomm is overrated

    3. The phone is a bit costly, but still worth it for its display and camera.

    4. The processor can be easily made to outperform its competitors if creo is having good sources and support from Mediatek(pretty much impossible to happen)

    5. Lastly its an indian company, why not support it.

  • @shreyans-jain mediatek not bad even 100% but as a indian company i am support but i am also happy if they start production in make in India concept…

  • @arka2020 as a start up company they need to slack here and there, thats why using factories in china will be cheaper for them than making in india, give them time to settle sure they will start to MAKE IN INDIA

  • @shreyans-jain noopss bro if you idea about Make in india no need production in India just take part form china and assemble in india…Also make in india boost market share also…

  • @shreyans-jain Sorry after check properly specification now my opinion change because qurd hd display with helio x10 to much drain battery.Their is possible nice combination if provide 4000-5000 mah battery…But 3100 mah drain to much fast i donot think it able to run more than 4-5 hour with wifi, gameing…

  • I liked the software approach by the Creo Team but i’m dissapointed with the hardware choice for the price point.They are selling outdated and cheap mediatek processor,no FPS and the phone is quite heavy at 190gms,where all the other companies have found to trick to make smartphones lighter.

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