1st device at 19,999??

  • 1st of all want as indian CREO get success in market but want to know few question launch 1st device at 19999 i think little hard because if a customer spend this money they has number of brand even chinese players also play well.Second why not snapdragon processor 820 in this price…Is available fingerprint scanner, ir blaster?As question brand promise that every month updates all update which provide all stable??And still why in android 5.1…?Is usb type c all devices mainly flagship provide type c now day…I think as a starter in smartphone if launch at 15000-16000 get much much success…Also much start sale with a stock…:bowtie:

  • @arka2020 Exactly! I’ve made an elaborate thread, please support it.
    Here: https://forum.creosense.com/topic/113/creo-mark-mini-5inch-sub-10k-smartphone

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