New feature every month!!!

  • I think creo mark1 is giving new updates or features every month.
    so that they have uniquness in their Idea which is very great thing. Bcz it makes them different from others.
    I have one idea i dont know weather it is good or bad.
    See there must be something new in updates of each months.
    Theme of phone gives first look and makes impression of phone on user, So theme must be attractive and very nice such that buyer can realize something that phone is very nice.
    I think in every months update Theme should also get changed means new theme should be appear , which should be more informative.
    Bcz theme gives nice look , make phone and user friendly for use.
    Make a theme in such a way that, users must be curious about upcoming themes in updates.
    users would like to update phone, before you make updates :laughing:
    This was my small idea.
    Thank you.:v:

  • Nice also if possible make group a theme makers they provide wallpaper and themes …

  • @arka2020 ohh nice idea. ✌

  • @Vikas412 did you check their hardware video ? Looks fab!

  • @Human lol its really cool😍

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