Greenify like battery saver

  • Hello,
    Inbuilt battery saver is a must for Android. But if you can add a feature to hibernate the unnecessary background apps, it’ll definitely increase the battery life as well as the phone performance.


  • Definitely looking forward to something like Doze or Samsung Ultra Power mode…

  • @Anirudha-Dhawale Yeah! Samsung as well as Sony’s Stamina mode works like a charm.


    @aniruddha-patil We have a custom inbuilt intelligent power saving Mode which functions like Doze. Example: If you are sleeping or the phone is kept idle on a desk for sometime, it gets activated

    We did not talk about some of these nifty features. We are not big fans of Greenify though as it creates a lot of issues for apps. We will be focussing in improving these features even more.

  • @shubh Agree on Greenify not being preferred choice. I have never been able to get myself around as per the label.

    However it is interesting to know that you have already thought about it and this is inbuilt. This is key…

    I think you should list all the features as part of Fuel OS feature lsit… everything no matter how nifty you may find.


    @Anirudha-Dhawale Sure. Will asks the product team to prepare a note

  • Well, I’ve been using Greenify for almost 1.5 years and never found any issue with any app, provided you don’t hibernate system/essential apps.

    But, yeah nice to hear that you’ve implemented doze mode.


  • @shubh does Mark 1 have a permission manager it could help to save battery…


    @PRATIK-PARDESHI We have a permission manager in works but we are not releasing that, instead going for Android M which has this built in

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