Creo Forum more interactive

  • Creo Forum is well designed friendly with users.
    But i think it should be more interactive like,

    1. Giving post or membership to users according to thier contribution to forum.
    2. User should get credits for taking part in Threds.
    3. According to reply or answer by user they should get medal or batches.

    And I can see that this forum is very interactive and always active.

    Thank you.


    @Vikas412 thanks Vikas. We are getting some amazing responses from the community and look forward to more and more feature suggestions. You would soon see some new features on forum too :)

  • @Subodhk WOW i am excited for this. βœŒπŸ™Œ


    @Vikas412 Sure Vikas :)

  • I like that @shubh is replying to feature requests. CREO is really interested and rooted in community feedbacks \m/

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