Balanced mode & performance mode

  • I bait creo mark 1 have unique idea.
    I prefer antutu benchmark score for ranking phones.
    I think there should be two modes for use like balanced mode and performance mode such that phone can utilize good battery and give good performance according to users need.
    And UI should be simple and friendly for use and tools must be attractive.
    Though this is 1st phone of creo mark 1 it is really very good…
    Name is also nice.
    I am proud of it.
    Sorry but i like to talk friendly.
    So best of luck for your 1sale

    Thank You.

  • @Vikas412 even I want to know when the sales would start. Want the phone now

  • @sabu Yes Friend i also want to see creo mark 1

  • @Vikas412 seeing many photos of the phone on Twitter and Instagram. Looks premium

  • @sabu really phone have nice quality.

  • @Vikas412 Creo mark 1 is indian phone, wow so exited to see the success.

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