Reading mode, Child mode, Guest mode, Hidden files , Private message and One hand mode.

  • As you can see technology is developing so many features are coming in picture which are useful and consumed less ram and memory.
    1.Reading mode->
    Some of smartphone users are Readers. During reading we dont want to get disturb. Normal screen of phone distracts during reading so there must be friendly brightness and color of screen so that readers will feel reading.
    2.Child mode->
    In child mode , child can see and access only those apps which we will recommended to phone , such that it will be friendly with child and no problems will be created.
    3.Guest mode->
    Actually it is timepass but phone must be loaded with some of features so In guest mode it will be friendly with peoples other that phone owner.
    4.Hidden files->
    In this feature user dont need to install external app for security apps . this feature should be inbuilt. and well known to user only. (LOL)

    5.Private message->
    This feature is also same like Hidden files but it is use for messages . we can make private messages by drawing or pulling the screen towards downwards or else you developer want according to their choice.
    i think creo will be familiar with one hand mode
    Thank you.

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