Features that I would expect in a 20k phone

  • Features that I will miss the most in CREO Mark 1

    1. NFC
    2. Fingerprint sensor
    3. Backlit LED for navigation

    All these features for even 3-4k extra on this phone wouldn’t have hurt us.

    5.5 inch screen wasn’t a must. Otherwise its great.

  • 1.Fingerprint Sensor
    2-Premium Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor
    3-OIS for stable video shotting
    4-Light weight,Creo is quite heavy at 190gms
    5-Water proof
    6-Big 4000Mah Battery which could have been able bear the awesom 2k screen

    All these features in the Creo Mark 1 could have made it bestseller at Rs20000 range in no time.
    CreoTeam,To be honest im really very dissapointed with your hardware choices.I was really hoping buy this phone

    1. Finger print sensor is a must and an attracting feature now.
    2. 5 Inch would be good
    3. Water Proof
    4. Big Battery.
    5. Good Processor with Good Ram
    6. Uni metal body with a bit of Premium Feel. (MI4I)
    7. Running on Latest android O.S
      Unless these features are available CREO cannot Compete with the existing Mobiles.

  • I would like to see the below features in the phone (20K or more or less)

    Fingerprint sensor (only one finger print should be by default to avoid others to make their finger prints as the password). Iphone allows multiple which invites unnecessary complications :-)
    selfie expert camera with auto sense and click (no timer setting)
    Camera with photo editor inbuilt (photoshop / photo collage, the list of editing apps is endless)
    wireless headphones (noise cancellation if possible) in the box
    wireless charger over the normal wired charger in the box
    Automatic sensor / call disconnect while driving for incoming calls . Rejects the call with message “I am driving, will call back later” something similar to Samsung Galaxy J3 with the S Bike mode. this will help avoid unwanted distractions and precaution against potential accidents
    For music - Songs played on you tube while driving / travelling should be complete hands free. Something like if i spell the song it will automatically search on you tube and play for me (only for people who like to listen songs on you tube and not other music app available in App / play stores)
    Gun metal color is superb but expecting some more exciting colors (avoiding blush pinks and rosy reds)
    Engraving in other languages too
    Light in weight and Water proof
    scratch proof screen

  • Well i would like to tell you guys creo have won special features.
    1 Sense
    2 Retriver
    3 echo
    4 3D photo
    5 Fuel os
    6 customizable butoons
    7 indian phone
    Thank you.

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