Will Fuel OS ROMs be downloadable?

  • Will the Fuel OS ROM be made available for download so that we can try it out on other devices? MI does it with their MIUI ROM, so I was wondering whether CREO is going to replicate that. I’m currently on MIUI 7 and am part of the beta team, so I get OS updates twice a week which keeps a software junkie like me happy. CREO’s top features for Fuel OS like sense, retriever and echo are very compelling, and will definitely help make them stand out in this market. I am also considering switching to the Mark 1 on launch but would love to try out Fuel a little for myself first. Though I have a feeling they might use the Apple-style walled garden approach, to keep their competitive advantage, and optimize the OS exclusively for their own devices. Looking forward to the launch!

  • @dhruvjalota Yeah its a good idea. However I am sure some of the features like Retriever would be hardware dependent.

    But multi device compatibility would be a good way to stay popular and productive.

  • developer port this type of rom for other devices so 1st need a fan base of a rom then need popular then developer start porting…If you port for redmi 2 prime then which way get success…already miui cm available…So atlast 1 year need for discuss about this topic…

  • @Anirudha-Dhawale Still now as per feature and details we know i think with os some hardware part also need for retriever…Mainly as per details still now after format still this feature able to track device…

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