Android Headunit missing a feature I need, How to find?

  • New here, found this forum by searching for best Android forums… I have an Android Headunit with an Allwinner P3_T3 6.0. I bought the unit in China and in the settings menu on the other car units I have owned there is a setting under “Extra Settings” called “Shutdown Delay when ACC is off” I messaged the seller but he said it is hidden and maybe next update they will make it available.?!? I have rooted the device, Installed xposed and searched thru all kind of files not knowing really what I am looking for. Hoping I would find a line of code that says show or true for the setting I need. I also tried installing Launcher Pro and adding a shortcut to the home screen for delayed power settings but when I click it, it says no permissions. So I have ran out of ideas. Can anyone here help me unlock this feature or tell me where to look. I posted a pic of the setting I want to find…

    alt text

  • It’s the worst forum here @administrators @CREO-Support @CREO-Team they don’t know anything about android they just fooled us so go to xda there real geniuses are there

  • Sadly no help over at XDA either :(

  • Try to get a flag ship and remember never to buy bullshit companies phone like this one

  • @Phillip-Robider try hovatek forum specially only for mtk and Chinese devices

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