U people fraud

  • Bastard CREO people, u fool your Indian people with fake company, u guys r shameless joker, u thinking robbing some 70/80 lakh from our will make better life of u, this is not enough, think otherwise if u cheat people thinking positive and gave us good update, nice mobile than your future is bright, but i can’t think u r good people, bastard, maderchod CREO people

  • Exactly there’s no way out now bro they made a fool to buy this 3 years earlier and now no update nothing basically we would be waiting 2 years for some stable performance, assholes just see if u can sell it everyone is trying that

  • @Girija-Das yes Yaar they are stupid company. Fraudulent . . if we ask for update they are telling will give you for whole 6 month update at single shot . . is that believable ???.

  • Of course according to them they think we will believe them didn’t we see after taking two moths break what nonsense they gave us a camera update that to a different app what to say and from December till today there 6 months quota isn’t completed yet just see how stupid they are not even giving av volte update also they will take another year to fix the bugs assholes.

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