Creo mark 1 disadvantages

  • Hi Creo users two main disadvantages battery backup,and mobile weight and big size

  • @administrators @CREO-Support @CREO-Team are when will u guys will at least be able to fix the bugs? Give at least good battery backup and performance at this price point. U bunch of hopeless at least say when u will give the update fix,at least this two or else i shall sell this and get new mi 6 confirm the date

  • @administrators @CREO-Team @CREO-Support battery is dead in 3.5hrs and performance is so good that i can hardly multi task between two apps like music and file manager while copying phone freezes and restarts what r you guys doing? Enjoying jio sim???

  • @administrators @CREO-Team just make it official that we won’t be able to fix it within may 13 say this i will just sell this and go for some mi just say it we all know u guys can’t do anything

  • @administrators @CREO-Support is anyone alive why are u not replying anything about bug fixes? Are u fixing it in 2018? Or what no reply at all what type of support is this? Nice servicing i should say.

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