CREO, This is my expectation.

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    Recently, I started my study about phone manufacturers in India, which introduced to CREO Mark 1, At first, I was very impressed about the 5.5 inch QHD display, Bigger Battery, FUEL OS and its update and most of it. But when i asked myself the question, "Will you buy this phone" The Answer was Maybe.

    Reasons were.

    1. Processor, Helios X10 was big drag. Which leads to
    2. Lower variant, high latency RAM.
    3. Indian Audience may use Big phone, not because they like big phone, Advertising industry thrusting that idea on to them.

    I would say a big YES for the following specification at 15000 INR.

    SoC : Qualcomm MSM8996 Snapdragon 820
    RAM : 3 GB LPDDR4
    Stroage: 32 GB Internal with SD Slot expandable.
    Battery 3500 mAh
    Screen : 5.0 Inch 1080 resolution AMOLED
    Sensors: The usual package
    Navi : Inlcude GPS, GLONAS

    The News is, there is already a phone with the above configuration at 15000 INR and i bought 2 of them before coming to know about CREO.

    If CREO can make a phone, with the mentioned configuration and FUEL OS over it. I m willing to pay upfront for it even before the release. Unlike others, people who buy CREO phones, knows their phone, the mentioned config will be a boon for them, if this is made possible before this config is considered obsolete.

    Also Personalized engraving is cool. keep it going.


    +Note : Spec given above by me is from Lenovo Z2 Pro 32 GB variant.

  • Bro , they not even providing update to improve fuel os

  • @administrators @CREO-Support @CREO-Team you guys only keep on saying we haven’t stopped the update but provide the update after 3 years

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