No updates

  • There is no update from 2 months to ?

  • @CREO-Support @CREO-Team @administrators u guys are completely useless bunch of uneducated group of engineers. Only know how to cheat there all other companies providing updates over 500mb sometime 1gb fixing sooooooo many bugs at a time each week what are u? Are u making a completely new software or what? Why can’t u fix a damn bug for good and dialer bug it’s still here u can’t fix that simple bug either why are u in a company first of all taking years to give one particular bug fix at a time what will happen if u give fixes directly? Waiting for days? What will happen if u give it as soon u have fixed it like Google does. Moss head u guys don’t know anything. Blank head taking years no fix at all.
    And when asked in phone u guys say what we told every 6 months we provide update? Then what’s the tag line a new phone every month is for? Do u think we are stupids? Useless and knowledgeless.

  • @administrators @CREO-Team and no volte till now how will u call using jio?u don’t know how to fix and create cheaters.

  • @administrators @CREO-Team and in the other hand Samsung done such a awesome work with software management it’s lasting so long 7-8hrs with 3000mah battery and a qhd+display and this shit even with 3100mah and only qhd dead in 3hrs.
    U guys must have failed job interviews that’s why u created your own shitty company to cheat stupid idiots.

  • Hello everyone, don’t expect anything from this shitty fake company, its all our fault, we purchase this phone for 20k inr, they found some half educated fail engineer and make phone, and we purchase blindly, now its time for suffering, I am one of silly guy who purchase this crap, close this chapter and move ahead, we have to forget this chapter

  • @Piyush-Sorathiya yes exactly they all are failed engineers who know nothing and here they are cheating and fooling us

  • @administrators @CREO-Team where is the update today 6 months completed where is the update are u stupids playing with us or what? 1 year completed still no fixes what are u doing in office enjoying?

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