One hand operation mode

  • Considering this device boasts a 5.5"screen, 155mm tall, it’d be great if you add a single hand operation mode.0_1460640422273_Screenshot_2016-04-14-18-50-50.jpg


  • Product Team

    @aniruddha-patil Mark 1 does come with an accessibility feature. You can access Quick Settings and the Notification Shade by simply Double Tapping the left capacitive button. Also, you can really play around the capacitive buttons and configure them to do a bunch of things.

  • @Gulsher-Singh 0_1460640097402_Screenshot_2016-04-14-18-50-50.jpg

    I’m talking about this feature.

  • @aniruddha-patil Thanks for the Screenshot. We will pass it on to the product team to explore your suggestion. Thanks once again.

  • @goku It’s a pleasure:blush: