Creo team tell us what happening

  • This post is deleted!

  • Is it coming ( updates ) this month or not?

  • even i need update

  • @CREO-Team @administrators i think they are not that intelligent to fix simple bugs so they are taking years to fix them very funny developers i guess…

  • Though we cannot afford for this costly mobile. We put our savings into this for good believing it will. Be good phone. But we cry now. We can’t share our tears… But its true that we are cheated. Cheated by very own community people. Even Chinese have some courtesy of giving at least two OS update. But us, not even one OS update. Still in 5.1 , who needs sense or other lock app. We can get for 100rs in play store… We need bug fix and os update.

  • Creo is cheated us… By giving this crap ,

  • It’s ok u can’t provide thing U promised at launch , but atleast provide alternate to fuelos 😊

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