CREO SHUTDOWN - we need to go for a case

  • Is anyone from Creo out there? …, just wanted to know whether Creo has shut down… , there is no stock available of Creo phones for many months. All the service centers that Creo claimed is no longer associated with them. All the promises that they made are just fraud. Just wanted to know if any of the offices of Creo is working.

  • CREO Support

    @josh13 Hi, please don’t go with this false information, we are still live. You can escalate the service center details if they deny the service.

  • @Sober-Barik you people are funny. Are there going to be updates?yes or no?
    At least give us volte and an android update.
    And i seriously don’t think that you people are live. You have been practically dead.

  • @Sober-Barik yeah? Then why are u not giving any ota not fulfilling your promises making a fool out of us?

  • @Sober-Barik what no reply?

  • @Sober-Barik tell a way to get volte unofficially or officially

  • @Sober-Barik i’m filing a complain to the consumer forum. Anything you want to say before i do that?

  • @Yogesh-Gattani yeah man do it quickly and say them to take extreme steps if there is any😓

  • @Yogesh-Gattani bro he’s not going to reply just go for it

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