I Feel very happy.

  • Buddy don’t mind, but i feeling very happy to soled this mobile to some one else, but i fwel bab for buyer.
    And specially for Creo MD or Creo Ceo please don’t fake comments with consumers because of you don’t now how they purchase mobile & what they feel when his money goes in drain. TX.

  • I too got a chance to get rid of Mark1 , a friend wanted to replace with his sony experia . But I refuse this phone is better , I still believe Creo team will come up with a solutions sooner or later .

  • Did creo pay u money for positive comments? It’s already been a year with 2 months no updates when will they fix when we will be moving in to a new phone?

  • I too got to a chance to sell this mobile to my friend, but I refused and said that i don’t want to cheat you. I had decided not to sell this brick to anyone and cheat others…

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