Normal multitasking tray

  • Hi,
    The Mark 1 features a two column multitasking tray. But considering the size of this phone, it’s really difficult to use it by one hand. You really need to stretch your thumb all the way to the left most corner to reach the first app. Contrary to this, a normal stock Android multitasking tray with “Clear All” button is really easy to scroll and use.


  • One of the best implementations (IMO) is in the Flyme OS.

    (pic stolen from the web)

    It’s the strip at the bottom that can be scrolled left/right and the applications are dismissed by swiping the icon away. Good for one handed operation.

  • I believe the focus has largely been on UX of the multitasking tray. Even if the interaction on stock Android seem cool, when one would have to dismiss a large number of apps, it become a ruckus to swipe each app.

    I believe with this UI, CREO is trying to imitate the notification shade where one can close all apps with the top right dismiss button which kind of seems useful in the long run.

  • This seems cool 0_1460979955852_Screenshot_2016-04-18-17-15-20_com.miui.player.png
    We can scroll move from left to right.
    We can also minimize the apps by pinching. ✌

  • @The-Sloth Yes. this is nice too . But,Google’s native multitasking tray is also easy to handle and the only thing it lacks is the clear all button. If CREO can add it, it’ll become complete and awesome.

  • @Sarthak-Pranit127 Yep. But if they can add a single “Clear All” button on Google’s Stock Android UI, it’ll be more easy to use.

    On the current Mark 1 UI, you really need to stretch your thumb to reach the upper left most corner. That’s the reason I’m proposing stock android like tray.

  • @Vikas412 It looks more like an iOS or Windows Phone UI. The stock Android UI is way much easy to use and scroll. All it needs is a “Clear All” button.

  • @aniruddha-patil That actually makes Sense :P

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