[ROM] - Fuel OS Factory Packages + Custom TWRP Recovery + ROOT

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    Full ROM Fuel OS / stock + custom TWRP recovery packages are available for download.

    Such packages can help CREO MARK-1 users to :

    • Restore MARK-1’s original Fuel OS or, i.e. allowing to test custom ROMs & revert the device to stock if required

    • Install additional modules and/or frameworks (such as Xposed) thanks to additional custom TWRP recovery + SuperSU root.

    This is an announcement thread. For development discussions / questions (also about the upcoming custom roms & more) please refer to the following thread :

    ======================= DISCLAIMER ===========================

    The usual stuff :

    This package might be most suitable for experienced users but everybody is welcome to use it at his own risk.

    Flashing / Rooting your phone and using software tools have risks indeed = if instructions aren’t followed you can BRICK YOUR DEVICE. Therefore please read carefully all of the instructions & follow them if You choose to go on at your own risk.

    If You don’t understand the instructions stop & search on Google/Boards/XDA/etc. and / or ask for help.

    All the mentioned software & tools belong to their respective owners/developers. Neither I nor the owners / developers are not to be held responsible if you damage or brick your device.

    ========================= LINKS ===============================

    - https://mega.nz/#F!UsAE0YQZ!-wb-2r6NxxcmBpDcVuRFxg!s0xHwAxC (Main Repo)

    - https://goo.gl/aEg2wp (NeedROM page)

    0_1481495673708_2016-12-11 (8).png

    0_1481495781407_2016-12-11 (9).png

    0_1481495904381_2016-12-11 (10).png

    0_1481496064137_2016-12-11 (11).png

    0_1481496185880_2016-12-11 (12).png

    0_1481496513898_2016-12-11 (13).png

    • Update : I’ve added Fuel factory package to MAIN REPO .

    • Changelog : Camera 2 App (Swift Beta) released by CREO on December 26th 2016

  • @Raw_Wish bro can u tell me how to enable volte in rooted mark 1?

  • Hello

    @Girija-Das since MARK-1’s stock FUELOS doesn’t allow MTK Engineer Mode settings, first I need to know VoLTE Provisioned Flag Status when You’re using Jio (or other VoLTE enabled operator) SIM card & if its status can be switched once rooted.

    You can check it into Android Settings \ Phone Information through MTK Engineering Mode app without dialing related code every time.


  • This post is deleted!

  • Hello

    @Girija-Das thanks.

    I suppose that if You tap on VoLTE Provisioned Flag button nothing happens.

    Now I’m checking how to enable WB-AMR setting for RIL service mode = since MTK Engineering Mode isn’t supported by MARK-1 FuelOS, I’m looking if I can patch MTK RIL files/libraries.

  • @Raw-Main yeah nothing happens so bro waiting for a solution😺

  • @Raw-Main bro did u got any solution?

  • @Girija-Das Bro, have you ported your OS to Fly Me. If yes please can you please assist me with same?

  • @Vaibhav-Ruhel i turned back coz the battery charging problem was the for me but the performance was amazing just amazing

  • @Raw-Main bro any news on your developmental work?

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