Alice Camera Review

  • I am not a beautiful girl but it doesn’t mean I have no rights to have a beautiful photo.

    I had a history of awkward photo presence, and I really admire the girl who can take wonderful photos, like my roommates… My pimples are obvious and my skin is too dark, nevertheless, my roommate’s skin is smooth and she is fair-skinned. You see, the destiny is unfair!

    This issue made me puzzled a lot until I met with the Alice Camera. Alice gives me a new life. Just like Alice in the wonderland, the Alice Camera is my wonderland.

    Alice Selfie Camera is a sweet camera app which can help you capture the best moment of life! This selfie camera is the best choice for taking photos with your android phone!

    alt text

    It has many specific features with a good user experience.

    It is really easy to use anytime and everywhere. Just open Alice, choose a portable point of view, then touch the pink button, a wonderful picture is done! After that, you can find a dashboard below. I always choose the suitable background for my pictures by editing functions. Image Cut, Rotation and Free Drawing on the Photos are also available. That is amazing!

    alt text

    For selfie pictures, there is Real-time skin beautifying effects. This is a smart & natural beautify function! I can easily apply those beautifying effects on my selfies! One tap to retouch my skin – no need to makeup before! One-tap beautification let me look more beautiful. I can’t believe I could be like a princess and I nearly fall in love with another me in pictures.

    alt text

    Alice selfie camera provides lots of types of collage spice layouts for me to enjoy! The filters really impressed me. 100+ real-time retro filters are designed specifically for users! It is really fun when choosing the filter that best matches my mood. Photos show my life and emotion.

    alt text

    A great amount of stickers are designed for users! Funny emoji, lovely ornaments, and so on. It will be a great moment when decorating my Instapic with those funny stickers.

    alt text

    It is also very convenient for me to share my photos to these popular social medias. Just touch the “share button”, the pictures will automatically share to anyone I want!

    alt text

    So if you’re finding a suitable phone camera for yourself, the Alice Camera must be the best choice. Just have a try!

    Here is the link you can find it on Google Play:

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