Wishlists for next updates

  • Since, the Mark 1 is built upon the theme of promising a ‘new phone every month’, lets write down when we want the next updates of Mark 1 to provide us with.

    Mine are -

    1. A general calculator within Sense in case I need to do some quick maths.
    2. I want to personalise Sense - with my own preference of contacts, apps, etc. Something like a pinnable screen.
    3. A better categorisation of apps in the application drawer.
    4. A file transfer centre to sync with your computer/laptop for files.
    5. Themes! BRING ME THEMES!

    I am truly super excited for placing such expectations because previously these discussions used to follow the ‘Lets make a new app’ starting point. Great to see a company ready to materialize these discussions into their OS itself.

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