How many still using CREO Phone??????????????

  • Its quite interesting to know how many still using a CREO phone???
    Obsivously am not using I have moved to ONE PLUS 3

    Sorry Correction in Subject …TYPO

  • @Ajay-Kumar you have option we don’t😑😢

  • @Ajay-Kumar We are not rich ass guys. We earned hard to get this. I might give this to my sis and buy myself a below 10k phone.

  • Hey…
    Its not about rich r poor,
    Everyone here earned hard to buy a phone.

  • Still having it

  • Still having

  • Me too using it😔

  • @Ajay-Kumar yes me too moved to one plus 3, i am using CREO as a back up phone , i did big mistake in my life wasting 20000 bucks for CREO

  • Me too using it

  • No choice, first time i feel bad for myself

  • The problem is not with the phone, every phone brand has a bug or something not up to the mark, the issue with creo is the attitude after sale, the initial euphoria is dead and the poor response after committing to an update schedule are the irritants. Now with the company reverting to a software status instead of being a phone provider, those of who bought the phone believing that it would be a long term success have been left in the lurch. Hoping against hope that the company would honor is word. The irony is that those of us who are still left in the forum continue to believe that the company would spring a surprise in us with a major update.

  • @Satheesh-Kumar Well this is beautifully put into words. I agree!

  • Am using this and am still hoping I will get a surprise by team Creo 😟😟
    My parents don’t even knw that this phone is discontinued 😓 … Now am worried if my phone is damaged where will I get it repaired I hope it lasts for at least 1 more year 😖😖

  • This is major issues people don’t think of buying made in india product.

  • Bro if there would be any surprise then it must be today or else it violates the rule and breaks the promise of monthly update. Let’s see @CREO-Team

  • There is no update this month , confirmed by creo support team.

  • @josh13 and why is that and why we had to ask that to them?😬😬😬

  • It’s Creo Team’s duty to update that whether there is update for this month or not

  • And no update means they told lie and fake promise. Fixing bugs new things nothing just to fool us to buy this shit.

  • Yeah My friends call my phone as karbon mark 1 now 😑😑😑😥😥
    And i m so pissed of using this phone now
    I think i should have listen to my friends and not buy this phone i just trust the Indian and i think that’s the big mistake
    @Girija-Das @administrators @CREO-Support @CREO-Team

  • Don’t stick to your words

  • Understand they disconnecting phone…but not Fuel OS . So , question is why no Novupdate . Need to kNow ?

  • No marshmallow update no nougat update now no monthly update just fool everyone to buy your this shit device so that u can make your money cheaters i should have listened to my friends not to buy this brick

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