Business Idea: Have a hardware upgrade program

  • An awesome feature to keep your loyal fans engaged with this brand would be a buy back or upgrade feature.
    It means that whenever a new version of Mark 1 (e.g. Mark 2 etc) is released, users will have the option to exchange their old Mark 1 phones and get exchange discounts.
    The users should get better exchange rates than they get from the market for their Creo phones.

    So effectively you not only promise a new phone every month (software wise), you also give the opportunity for a new phone (hardware wise) with each release.

    This will justify the complaint of high price that some people have and also make sure that people who buy the phone will not migrate to other brands in future.

    This will be awesome for the users too because they would not have to worry about disposing old mobile phones when new ones are released or when they want to upgrade.

    Creo can then either refurbish and sell these used phones separately, or scrap it and sell the scraps etc.

    This would be a win-win situation for everybody.

  • @gunjankarun Yeah Nice suggestion.

  • Good thought… This will also promote recycling of electronic parts and disposal in environment friendly manner.

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