Split Screen Multi window operation

  • Include a feature in FUEL OS to Split the screen for multi tasking so that users can perform multiple tasks without having to close or fade back the current task and go for new task. The screen can be split in 2 or 3 based on use cases and reality. Examples of some use cases are :

    • Users can watch full split screen of Youtube videos and continue chatting in other split screen
    • Users can browse Internet in one split and take notes in other split
    • Users can go through a manual in one split and simultaneously do the settings as per the manual in other split

  • But do you think it’s convenient on a 5.5 inch screen? Take the examples you have said:

    • Users can watch full split screen of Youtube videos and continue chatting in other split screen - Yes it’s good thing, but when you start chatting by bring up the keyboard the Chat Screen shrinks up again due to the keyboard.

    I like the idea of MultiTasking using Split Screen. But it’s only convenient when you are using an Android Device with large Screen Size (min 7 inch, a tablet) and that too in landscape mode. If you’re holding a tablet horizontally, those apps are split side by side, that’s the best way for using Multi Window Tasking.

  • I think it would be a pain for 5.5 inch phone. Multiscreen is more for tabs and not phones. Would discourage this feature for phones at least or unless some other approach is tried

  • 5.5"/2 ~ 2.7"" ! Enough said? How would you use and maneuver through that tiny screen left for multi-tasking at N= 2

  • Guess what? Google has already implemented this in Android N! So, yes there’s demand for Multitasking/ split screen, and multitasking can be done on phablets.

  • Split screen is a good feature that sounds so cool but I don’t think anyone will ever use it like NFC.

  • In coming months when Android N will be out in the wild, it will be having a much better split screen / multi window, along with a good support from apps, then Creo can just update to N with slight customization or adding few more features.

    Its needless to say MW will be used frequently.

  • Bro try to image one thing you doing multitasking in helio x10 with quad hd display then 3100 mah able to running at 5-6 hour…to hard bro…If they launch with sd 625 or 650 with full hd then this phone more powerfull…