We need a 4 inch android phone with good spec and camera.

  • There is not even a single good android phone with 4 to 4.5 in screen( earlier using moto g ). I think there are so many android fans looking for a 4 inch android kind of flagship phone… Apple is good but doesn’t have features like dual sim and other android app.And also apple is too costly.
    Btw great phone . Proud being an indian.


    @Shijen-N Great to see your excitement :) We are hearing you!

  • @Shijen-N 1st of all apple a big brand so if they launch a device with 3.5 inch fan never wait to buy…As per mark if a brand make 4inch at flagship they never success…Because android and iso not same…

  • The best size to make a smart phone is from 4.7-5.5 inches these are the best selling sizes in android.

  • @shreyans-jain right…

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