[OFFICIAL] Fuel OS is here!


    Hello Folks

    We are ready with the October update to Fuel OS and it should be hitting your devices anytime now.

    Like with update Fuel OS we have centered our focus on fixing bugs and keeping your phone running like brand new. Key fixes have been made to the Dialler, Messaging, Privacy among others.

    But the most important changes would be apparent as soon as you Double Tap now - yes, Sense continues to become more intuitive and makes your Fuel OS experience easier. Following are the key changes to Sense, keeping in mind our goal to enable folks to access their frequently used apps and recently downloaded media with ease.

    Apart from pinning your most used contacts, Sense now has the following in the default screen.

    1. Frequently Used Apps - Four most used/accessed apps in the past two days are now listed.

    2. Recently Added Files - Now easily access your 4 recently added files (downloaded or otherwise) which can also be shared easily with a single tap.

    3. Recent Music - The last 4 recently indexed music files also surface in the default screen, which opens directly with your default music player on a single tap.

    4. Recent Media - Recently accessed/downloaded/captured photos and videos now show up on the default screen. While the images open in Gallery, the video opens directly in your default video players.

    0_1476964524400_sense_feed_03_scroll (2).png

    Do let us know your feedback on the October update by commenting below.

    Happy ReFuelling!
    Team CREO

  • This Update is Just Amazing…

    Phone is Running more Smoothly after the Update…

    Will have too see, My Reported Bug has been Fixed or Not…

    Overall…I Appreciate Your Efforts in This Update :)

  • 1.Marshmellow or nougat

    1. One click data on and off from dropdown screen.
    2. Camera onscreen click button doesnot work sometimes.
      These are the recognisable bugs and requirements for a normal level user. I dunno what bugs u guys actually repaired.

  • @administrators @CREO-Support @CREO-Team @Moderators @Product-Team I don’t see any such improvement in the phone and it’s basically still the same. The improvements in sense are not that good. It’s maybe a little useful but not that good and absolutely not what we want.
    Why don’t you people do something about the camera, to be true i am ashamed to use the camera in front of other people as its just so slow. And also do something about the voLTE feature(if it’s possible).
    And the phone still runs at the same speed, the apps take time to start and its really slow and frustrating. PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF THIS.

  • @CREO-Support @CREO-Team unwanted update and useless, for the name sake you guys are releasing this update …😢

  • CREO very nice instrument for every other feature than using as phone for making calls. I would request the team to improve the signal catching application which can make this instrument function as phone as well. I have been a victim of this so much so that people congratulate me when ever they get connected to my phone as most of the time it says no signal or out of coverage area. Where as the same SIM card functions very well in other phones at the same location. Hope the wonder team would do something to improve this feature. Regards

  • @Praveen @CREO-Support @administrators @CREO-Team yes the signal problem is also one other major issue. Sometimes(or many) there is no signal in both of my sim cards(airtel and jio)whereas the person next to me does. Now what on earth am i supposed to do if there’s no signal in any of my sims.Even if there’s signal in my airtel sim the call quality is so pathetic that i can’t hear shit neither does the person on the other end.

  • Hello

    I’m a developer working on a device with Creo Mark 1 similar HW Specs/Components (CPU/GPU/Display/RAM/Storage/Camera Sensor/Battery/etc…).

    Such mobile device is AMOI L861. You can find related stock & custom roms for instance on NEEDROM (Categories / AMOI / Other Subs).

    I would be interested to check/test Fuel OS or compatibility with such device. Yet I haven’t found until now any public (official or unofficial) repository including such ROM or Factory Image in order to load it through SP Flash Tool.

    May You suggest any links/references or otherwise has anyone provided to dump (i.e. SP Flash Tools) a recent factory image from his device ?

    Besides, sharing/exchanging infos could be useful also to test Custom ROM development for Creo Mark 1 based on L861 references = together with other people I’m working also on optimized Custom Kernel for such HW platform / device tree.

    Therefore, in order also to avoid to spoil this discussion, I’ve opened a dedicated discussion-thread on Community Forum / Android Tricks to collect all modding related messages :

    where we can go on.


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