Need help for receiving jio code for receiving the sim

  • Hi everyone I wanted to get a Jio sim so I tried downloading my Jio app and getting the code which is required to get the sim but could not receive the code there is no option for the code it is not that I did not know how to do it I downloaded the code in a heartbeat in my Samsung phone. please help :(

  • Creo Mark 1 is just a LTE mobile phone, Code can be generated using VoLTE mobile phone. But after receiving the sim using other mobile phone, the same can be used in Creo Mark 1 for data connection as well as voice call by joining JioVoice, previously Jiojoin.

    I am using my friends Jio sim in my Mark 1 mobile phone.

  • @dinesh-prabakar-jayaraman no download old jio 3.2.05 then install all apps from that app then open it with net off open my jio in my jio app turn net on and quickly click get jio Sim done

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