Andromeda OS is here - where Android meets Chrome OS

  • We’ve all known legendary OSes through the years haven’t we?

    For phones, there’s Symbian, Blackberry OS, Android and of course iOS. And for desktop, there’s MS-DOS, Windows and OS X!

    What Google has been planning for sometime is an OS which runs across Mobiles and Laptops.

    Did you guys by any chance follow what Google has been doing with a mysterious project called Andromeda ? And unlike ARA, it does not look like it will be shelved very soon.

    Hiroshi’s tweet indicates that we might see a small step in that direction on October 4th. Of course it will be a giant step for Operating Systems in general. Imagine the eco-system it will create. In the general direction of all you devices on ONE OS!

    In fact, the very reason why Google dropped the Nexus brand (which must have been painful, considering its a brand sunset at arguably at its peak) in favour of the Pixel must have been that they are considering a singular brand for all their hardware?

    What do you guys think?

    Pixel will be all hardware running on one singular OS. Some fresh new rumours might point towards that direction.

    We’ll know a lot on 4th, but what do you guys think?

  • @TheRealFatShady Mostly it looks like a switch from Nexus to Pixel brand

    I predict it will be another half assed attempt at unification of desktop/mobile. The best we can hope for is some reduction in fragmentation and maybe stable driver API so device manufacturers don’t have an excuse to say they “can’t” provide latest updates.

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