Appy Mondays - Three Amazing Apps Worth your Time


    Bored of using the same apps again and again? Need a change? Let Appy Monday guide you through a swarm of Android apps and help you pick the right ones. Here you go!

    1.Picking one app from innumerable installed apps is similar to picking a needle in a haystack. Trash the habit of wasting time whenever you look for an app. Use Circle SideBar - an intuitive app which lets you create shortcuts for your favourite apps and even customize their appearance to suit your aesthetics.


    2.Now that Game of Thrones has created a new record by bringing its total Emmy tally to 38 – the most of any fictional series - don’t you think its time that we got to know its world better. Install Map for Game of Thrones and become a pro at the geography of the seven kingdoms.

    0_1474874224593_map for.jpg

    3.Prevent resource-intensive apps (like Facebook, WhatsApp etc.) from draining your battery life. Install Hermit which allows you to create lite version of your apps and thus, restricts heavy battery drain.