Beware : Amazong phone but ....Very Very Poor After sales Service centre Support

  • happened to drop and smash my Creo recently 2 months back . Both front and back glass Panels gone . The phone still works fine though . Back glass is half gone . front is basically a big crack.

    Tried calling the service centres ,

    service centre 1 : seemed very disinterested in even gettign this phone for repairs . ( its basically a service centre that deals with Lenovo ) . before i could even describe damage to the Guy , he said leave it for 10-12 days . WTFFFFF !!!

    service centre 2 : called and same response . Took the time to hear me out , however said he will need 10 -12 days , will need to log in my complaint with the company . said being very unpopular ( more like since its a very new product ) they dont keep any parts in stock .

    service centre 3 : i was in ahmedabad , tried to call the local vendor there for the same : very similar response . infact took 2-3 minutes to tell him the Brand name and model . he had forgotten completely .

    So my primary phone is an Iphone and i had dumped my nexus 6p for the creo as a good backup /secondary phone .
    i dont know anyone who can live without a phone for 10-12 days . basically now im in a dillema , buy a new android or get this one replaired . with the enthhusiasm level of the service centre guys , im afriad ill get hit with a bill of 5-7k and 15 days of no phone use . Rather just buy a new 15-18k phone and get peace of mind knowing ur phone comes with good after sales support .

  • Product Team

    @Manan-Modi, sorry to hear that. We will have a senior representative get in touch with you as soon as possible. @Sober-Barik please look into this immediately.

  • CREO Support

    @Manan-Modi We tried to reach you, but were not able to get through. We have sent you an email. Also, we have created a ticket against your issue. Kindly revert to the mail or call us directly on 1800-208-2736.

    Ticket No. #1332

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