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  • The pc connect works very smoothly, glad to have an official back up and quick transfer option. Kudos to @CREO-Team on delivering a necessary feature in style. Bonus points for supporting the Mac in addition to Windows out of the box, hope that Linux support will roll out soon as well.
    Thanks to @rahul_singh @Vishal-Kumar @Swechha-Prakash @Kevin-Fernandez

    While Sense is useful, it is not yet powerful enough to have earned prime real estate on the phone. Double tapping home to bring up Sense is fine, putting it as default search on my home screen instead of Google is not. Kindly provide an option to enable/disable the use of Sense in this manner. For now Sense needs to be one of the many widgets available for use as per a user’s personal preference. Kindly look into this ASAP.
    @Farhan-Rasheed @Prarthana-Kulkarni @Vishal-Upadhyay @Soumya-Behera

  • Product Team

    @Hardik-Panjwani You can change the default search bar on the homescreen back to Google. Long press on the home screen, open the launcher settings. You will see “Search bar options”, tap on the option and choose Google. You can move back to Sense from the same settings. Hope this helps.

  • @Hardik-Panjwani Your feedback is exactly to the point. While Fuel PC_Connect is a welcome addition to the features available with Fuel OS and works like a charm, making Sense my default Search Bar is an unnecessary addition IMO. Restricting it to a widget would have served the purpose I feel. I am comfortable with Google Search Bar and would like to know steps to restore it.

  • But actually having sence in my home screen is little mose sensible than google search . long press home button will initiate the “google now” search though .

  • @dhireshn Thanks! I was looking for this in the general settings, not the launcher settings.

    @misteryogi See Dhiresh’s post above for a solution.

  • I was expecting this to be a pc software for the phone ,but expected a bit more. I thought it would act like what push bullet does. So when working on the pc, I don’t need to pick up my phone. I can see notifications, reply to messages right from my pc which is connected. This would have been killer.

    Nevertheless this is the 5th update and still not giving a reasonable battery fix for the phone is a bummer!