Slow download for Fuel OS, did anyone else have this problem?

  • While the PC-connect download was quick, the Fuel OS download was very slow.

    Did anyone else have this problem?

  • Nope ,I did not have any problem . .

  • @Hardik-Im just surprised that you even brought it up…when has the phone ever whizzed past downloads or updates in the past. The phone is laggy and that is a truth v cannot hide,whether it’s opening a webpage or installing an app …it’s all the same sloppy feeling while cheaper lesser known brands have finished the task already.
    I just pray that the Creo team realise this concern asap ,just like they nailed the network issues after majority of users started a rant about it.

  • @Hardik-just as an FYI…it’s already way past 29 minutes on wifi offering 4mbps and my phone shows 39% downloading update…my bad bro…lol

  • Yes… me also faced same problem…it will take nearly 3 hours…why …?

  • @raHyM-aHMeD @panchakshari This is the first time I faced a slow download issue on the update. Generally the update download takes ~5 mins for me and applying the update takes ~20 mins or so. Today the download took around 1.5 hours for me so bought it up. Server load distributions get tricky sometimes and there are aways edge case scenarios where stuff does not work well, so giving feedback to Creo is always useful. If you are facing long update download times regularly, let the @Product-Team know and hopefully there will be a fix soon.

    As far as the phone goes, I am happy with it. While it’s not as good as my iPhone in terms of snappiness, it’s a solid implementation of Android, works well for me and the regular updates bring better stability and good incremental features.

    Are there places where both the company and it’s products can improve? Definitely. And that will only happen if there is engagement on both sides. I do feel that there is a bit of a communication mismatch as @CREO-Team is not utilising the forum to its full potential here.

  • @Hardik-Brilliantly said and the Creo team should be proud to have ardent believers like urself who are reason enough for them to listen carefully and use it to their advantage. To care n happy to know that ur having a ball with the device…cheerz

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