[OFFICIAL] Fuel OS is here!


    Hello folks!

    We’ve always introduced features keeping convenience at the forefront of everything we do. And one of the most telling needs that comes across when you use your phone is a seamless and hassle free experience of transferring and managing files from your phone to your desktop. Photos, movies, music, documents - imagine all of your files being managed and transferred between your phone and your laptop in a simple hassle free way.

    In this month’s update, we are introducing Fuel PC-Connect, a one-stop solution to transfer and backup up all your phone files to your desktop, wirelessly or over USB.

    ​​What is Fuel PC-Connect?


    With Fuel PC-Conne​​ct, you can easily transfer files from your PC to your Mark 1 and vice-versa. With this update, backing up your photos, videos, music and documents is as easy as a single click. All of this can be done while connected over USB, and wait for it, wirelessly as well, over Wi-Fi. Easy, quick and simple!

    Please download Fuel PC-Connect from here.

    ​​What’s on Fuel PC Connect?


    There are three things in store for FUEL OS users:

    1. File Backup:

    With this, you can safely backup your photos, videos, music, contacts and downloaded files in a repository and prevent data loss. During backup, your phone’s exact folder structure and nomenclature will be retained to avoid any confusion. By default, the Documents section of your PC acts as parent folder for your Backup files. You can choose to change the parent folder for your backup files from Fuel PC-Connect Settings.

    2. Quick Push:

    Allows you to push a file from your PC to your mobile phone over both USB and Wi-Fi connection. You can either Drag-n-Drop a file or a folder from the PC to the Quick Push section or Drag-n-Drop a file or folder from the PC into the File Manager. The transferred files safely sit in the Quick Push folder on your mobile phone and this destination cannot be changed.

    3. File Explorer:

    It helps you to browse through the files and folders present in the mobile phone storage as well as your SD card. You can also perform the functions of delete, cut, copy, paste on the files in the phone storage and SD card.

    Pre-requisites for Fuel PC-Connect:

    -Your mobile device has to be updated to Fuel OS
    -Fuel PC-Connect client is running on your PC machine
    -Your mobile device is connected to PC via USB or PC-Connect is turned ON
    -Your PC and mobile device are on the same Wi-Fi or LAN
    -Your router has built-in multicast
    -Fuel PC-Connect supports PCs running on Windows (7 onwards) and Apple’s OS X (Yosemite onwards) for both 32 and 64 bit systems.

    Please refer to our blog for more details.

    What’s more?

    Sense is available as a Search Bar and a Widget which makes accessing it faster from the home screen. Long press on the Home Screen to explore these options from the Launcher Settings.


    We will continue to build features, but will also focus on making your Fuel OS experience on the Mark 1 seamless and fast. #RunsOnFuel

    Here’s the link to download Fuel PC-Connect

  • This post is deleted!

  • Still did not got the update and no link for PC connect is working

  • Yes…
    Still iam also not getting update…

  • Hi All…
    Mine just started downloading…total 53MB…

  • Just got.

    Download the Fuel PC-Connect desktop suite in parallel and update the OS. Both should take around the same time.

    Hope it’s easy to transfer files.

  • Thanks for the Update and Congrats Maker’s for the successful update,
    not at all happy with the update, as promised by Creo in the last update they were about release update related to lagings in the phone, but i don’t see anything like that.

  • so what is the use of this update.
    Not much excited and no enhancement on other issues

  • Fantastic update . PC suite- a real surprise , sence widget absolutely makes sence . .

  • @Subodhk @CREO-Support @CREO-Team @Product-Team
    while connecting the phone with my laptop, it shows connected on my phone but on the laptop it shows that the device is not connected. It is the same for both the wifi and usb connection.
    also while connecting the phone with the pc through usb, the phone won’t show up and after troubleshooting it says that the phone is missing some drivers

  • @Yogesh-Gattani ya bro…same issue I also faced.

  • I am not sure if there was any real need. For a pc connect…
    It looks like Creo is diverting from its fundamental philosophy of giving updates based on what customers need.

    They look to have their own plan and rolling it out. They are least bothered about the lag and camera performance issue that we are facing…

  • Product Team

    @Yogesh-Gattani Hi Yogesh. Could you please answer the questions below so that we can debug the issue and find out what’s going wrong?

    • When you were connecting the phone to your PC via USB, did you get a pop-up asking you to “Trust computer over USB?” ? Did you press “OK” or “CANCEL”?
    • Have you given the proper Firewall permissions to the Fuel PC-Connect app on your computer? Windows would have asked you this while installing. If you are not sure, please try uninstalling and reinstalling the app and allow the app through the firewall this time.
    • Please make sure your router is configured properly to allow communication between your PC and phone over Wi-Fi. You can find the recommended settings here under “What are the recommended settings Wi-Fi router settings for Fuel PC-connect to work?” - https://creosense.com/support#pc-connect

    In case your issue is still unresolved after all these steps, please feel free to reach out to us.


  • @Mr.-Wolf i am also getting the same issue , i didn’t tried with USB , i tried with WIFI , in my phone i am able to see MY COMPUTER icon , when i tap it my computer icon , it is not connecting , not getting any response , please solve this issue ASAP

  • Product Team

    @Anwesh-joshua Can you please upload a screen-shot of the screen after you try to tap on your computer in the list of Available Devices?

  • @Mr.-Wolf

    1. i pressed “ok”
    2. the firewall is turned off and i have also re-installed the app but the problem still persists.
    3. this problem was not there in the beginning. Earlier the phone got connected(over wi-fi) and the transfer was smooth but when i tried connecting it after a few hours this problem popped up. So i am sure that there is no problem with the router configuration.

  • Product Team

    @Yogesh-Gattani Hi Yogesh, Would like to have some more information about the network,

    1.Are you using any kind of Anti-Virus software on your computer?
    2.What is the distance of your Wi-Fi router from your phone and your computer (approx value)?
    3.Which Router are you using? (model, brand)
    4.Have you tried using USB? Is their a connectivity issue with that also?

    You can do one more thing to try resolving this issue:

    Navigate to Device Manager from the Control Panel on your computer ->other devices->right click->update drivers software->Browse my computer for driver support->let me pick from a list device drivers on my computer ->portable device->select MTP USB device->click on Next.

    This should resolve your issue. If not please let us know.

  • Why PC connect, when ShareIT perfectly works?

    Still struck with that your phone disconnected issue.

  • PC connect is not at all working with USB and yesterday it got connected with WiFi but today it was not getting connected by WiFi too.

  • @Viplav-Chintan
    1.yes. mcafee.

    1. about 5 steps maybe.
    2. N600, netgear

  • @Yogesh-Gattani Can you try rebooting the device once? This should fix the connectivity issue over Wi-Fi and USB.

  • Product Team

    @Sober-Barik can you check up with @Yogesh-Gattani and figure out if resolution was made. If not, please call him and understand the exact issue. Thanks for your patience Yogesh.

  • CREO Support

    @Yogesh-Gattani We tried to reach you, but were not able to get through! We have sent you an email, please verify the details and revert.

  • Shaikh Abu Sofiyan 3 days ago
    PC connect is not at all working with USB and yesterday it got connected with WiFi but today it was not getting connected by WiFi too.

    No action so far !!!

  • I am won’t check PC connectivity option.not required also…better camera update and increase quality of pic it’s only very urgent important then reduce phone heat Necessary…@CREO-Support @CREO-Team

  • CREO Support

    @Shaikh-Abu-Sofiyan Have you gone through the all Settings where we recommend to configure your router according to that ?

  • @Sober-Barik I have gone through the router settings, but what about the USB issue.

  • CREO Support

    @Shaikh-Abu-Sofiyan Hi, Sorry for the inconvenience.You will be getting a call soon from our support engineers.

  • @Shaikh-Abu-Sofiyan
    Hi Abu Sofiyan,
    We have sent an email to your email-id with troubleshooting steps. Please reply to the same email chain if in case issue persists. Your ticket ID is #1358.

  • Fuel OS or pls update VoLTE in our Creo please…

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