CREO Mark Mini 5inch Sub-10K Smartphone!

  • Lets face it. If you want to penetrate into the market you need to have sub 10K device. You simply cannot win the “Indian Market” with a 20k (~$300) phone.

    Just to give an idea-

    • Nokia Lumia 520 It’s quite old but it brought some serious success to Windows Phone,
      which was priced exactly at 10K. It is also a Most Successful Windows Phone.

    • Moto G (1st Gen.) The device which stirred the market. The device which changed all the
      pricing policies. The device which became an instant hit and became the Most-Successful-
      Motorola-Phone ever. It was aso priced around 14K.

    • ASUS made its debut with 1st gen ZenFone series. The most successful device was ZenFone
      5 which was priced 10k. ASUS is now a strong mid-range player, competing with high-spec-
      low-price devices.

    Now that we know the importance of sub-10k device, let me give you my expectation about CREO Mini-

    • Fuel OS (running on the latest Marshmallow build)

    • Same OS features as that of Mark 1

    • 4.7~5" HD 720p Screen (preferably AMOLED, if possible)

    • Snapdragon 615/616/650 (preferably) processor

    • 2GB RAM

    • 12MP Primary Camera, 5MP Secondary,

    • 3000mAh battery

    • FPS is a must!

    • 16/32GB Internals with DEDICATED MicroSD card slot, please don’t put a Hybrid Sim Slot.

    • Design can be plastic, to cut down the cost

    I hope, this gives you an idea what a common consumer expects.

    Best Wishes

  • @aniruddha-patil Please guys, those who want a Mini Mark 1 please support this thread and discuss here.

  • @aniruddha-patil sorry for late but yes support this because as a indian company creo must try to provide at indian customer range…also starting with 19999 so hard to play with other players like mi,meizu,lenovo etc…

  • Yes.If you need to put the pricing right.And if you are releasing a premium phone then hardware should also be premium like snapdragon processor and fingerprint sensor and all which would justify the price.But cheap mediatek processor and no FPS at 20000,its really dissapointing

  • I don’t discuss about the price but yes in wake of Xiaomi and Motorola it’s important you price your product right. I wish a phone with similar specs just with the size reduced that fits into pockets and hands easily.

  • @nrk.1901 Yes. India is very, very price sensitive market. History proves it.

  • @CREO-Team @Product-Team @shubh What do you think about this? Yeah, it might be too early as Mark 1 is not even a month old:smile: And also as your USP is software not hardware, but still, to reach the masses, you need to have such a device. I hope you guys have got an idea what I’m talking about.


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