September - 16 Updation/New feature ???

  • When will we expect Sep-16 Updation/New feature ?

  • Guys umi phones are going to give nougat for their phone on 24dec i think probable the first to do so and here on creo no marshmallow just see how serious they are for marketing and main updates😑

  • I don’t care of M or N but I want the phone working fast.

  • @Girija-Das I think creo is focussing mainly on the functioning part of the phone…rest the OS updates 6 n 7 are just mere numbers…what the @CREO-Team want is a smooth n efficient mobile experience…that’s what I feel👌🙏

  • My suggestion for Creo is… Overheating while charging should be rectify… Even though iam using blue cable, my Creo getting heat like iron box till, 80% of charge, then it’s automatically cool…

  • @panchakshari blue cable ?

  • @Pradeep-Jayabal
    Yes… Blue cable, separately selling by Creo, they told it’s less heat than, original charging cable…

  • @panchakshari
    It’s worth only Rs.100…call Creo customer support…

  • Oh , OK thanks .

  • CREO Support

    @VGSNEZHIL Hi, You could expect for this month’s update on this week only. :)

  • Downloading the new update

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