Section for security updates and fixing the update animation

  • I suggest that in addition to a section describing features, we should also a section describing security updates and this needs to be a permanent section in the Refuel app. In this section, you can give a short description of the security fixes applied to the update and a link to the related security bulletin.
    The section can also be used for visual feedback ensuring that users apply the latest update. For example: colour coding to indicate how out of date the system is and a prompt to apply the update. A bit of a reward for people after they have applied the update in the form of a simple game or quiz that’s only available after the update has been applied, similar to the endless dinosaur runner on chrome, maybe even something like a riddle that changes every month and can lead to discussions and interaction in the forum.

    Also, the update animation frame rate is very high and makes for a jarring visual feedback. Kindly lower the frame rate for a smoother visual experience. With computers this fast, good UX tricks like ‘labour illusion’ are necessary to ensure that consumer expectations and experiences stay in sync.

  • @CREO-Team @Product-Team Any thoughts on this?