Spam attack 4. Who are the people at Creo that work on maintaining/improving the forum?

  • @administrators @CREO-Support @Global-Moderators @Moderators Another user ( runs amok. Whats the long term solution guys? The forum is getting carpet bombed with spam.

    @sai-srinivas @Vartika-Verma I understand that your time has a premium value. But as public faces of the firm you need to address this issue publicly. Also, consider discussing the hierarchy of forum maintainers i.e. how many people are tasked with the job, roles and responsibilities, chain of command etc. This is not to castigate or punish anyone, but rather a plea for clarification of priorities. The forum will only thrive if someone steps up and says ‘The buck stops with me.’ Who is going to take that role in Creo?