GREAT START - Proud to be from Bengaluru!

  • Great start CREO :clap:

    Wish you boundless success!!

    A point of suggestion - On the lines of OnePlus (which started with a similar concept) - Please try not to deviate from your objective and don’t let users in soup after a couple years/phones of success. (OnePlus has currently lost their credibility with software updates with their in-house cooked Oxygen OS.

    Also try to encourage feasible hardware suggestion as well, (for future device builds of course!) through online polls.

    Would be great to see a compact super phone with specs (best of all worlds):
    4.7" - 5.0"; 1080p; AMOLED; USB C; NFC; IP67; FM; DAC; Fast Charge; 3,000-3,500 mAH, OIS; Fingerprint Scanner; Sound Profile Hardware Switch; Dual Front Facing Stereo Speakers; Metal Uni-body; etc.

    Looking forward to experience Mark 1 :+1:


  • @Hrishikesh-Hallikeri Proud to be an Indian!

  • Yo! Bangalore Rocks!

  • Bangalore is “India’s silicon valley” … CREO proves it. Keep going guys … \m/

  • Is it an Indian Company…?

    If your answer is YES, then

    I got tears in my eyes man.

    Superduper phone and their focus on software is good.

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