Save battery with gradual feature disable based on priority.

  • There are many features provided by mobile but unfortunately all will be running and consuming the battery even when power is less. There should be a way to disable major battery consuming features based on amount of battery remaining

    1. Disable one SIM if the battery is < 20%
    2. Disable data on all SIMS if the battery is <30%
    3. Switch from 4G to 3g (40% remaining) and 3G to 2g (30% remaining )and 2G to NO- G (20% remaining) :) to reduce battery consuption.
    4. Reduce brightness to 20% if the battery is <10%
    5. Auto kill apps if the battery is <40%
    6. Auto disable all notification if battery is < 30%

    I can give many more…

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