Update RollBack Feature

  • #CREOMARK1 should have Update Rollback feature that should allow users to roll back the update if they don’t like in any way or find any bug in the software. This feature is very great and will be very helpful.

    Yours Greatest Fan here,
    Piyush Nagpal aka ShadowLeaf

    Twitter - @PiyushNagpal

  • @Piyush-Nagpal I support this feature!

  • @Piyush-Nagpal I support this feature!

  • @Subodhk What Do You Think about this feature? Isn’t it great? It is great according to me. :-)

  • While this feature is a good idea, there are technical limitations which can create problems. While updating, under the hood there’s a process called database migration that takes place. What it basically does is that it makes sure information in your tables from old database is correctly translated into the new tables which might have new columns or might have deleted old columns. This is possible coz while updating, you know for sure which version you’re updating FROM. But while rolling back you don’t know which version you’re coming from, coz that version was unknown when the old version was built.

    This is why even Google won’t let you downgrade. Try it yourself: install latest version of any app and then try installing an older APK version of same app. The installation will fail.

  • @rhoadster91 That’s what i am saying that CREOo can introduce such feature that there should be no problems while downgrading or upgrading or in any way :-) Hope you can understand.

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